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The D.O.P. Private Collection operates as a private educational and lending resource for Modern and Contemporary Art and is dedicated to build a collection.  The D.O.P. Collection and The D.O.P. Private Foundation operates as an private educational and lending resource for Modern and Contemporary Art and is dedicated to building a private collection that reflects the scope and diversity of the art of our time. The Collection was formed as a result after several years of personal collecting of its philanthropists Directors, dedicating patronage and information services to some of the world's most prominent museums and art institutions. As an integral component in the Group's programming, this website extends the Foundation's mandate to foster public appreciation of contemporary art to a worldwide audience of Internet users, making available information and selected images from its collection of over 300 works by provocative and important artists working today.  You can see in our collection some works that includes: Alechinsky,  Alviani,  André,  Archipenko,  Alcantara,  Avery, Bacon,  Balla,  Baziotes,  Ben,  Beecroft,  Boggio,  Brancusi,  Brandt,  Braque,  Bravo,  Buffet,  Bury,  Calder,  Camargo,  Caro,  Cárdenas,  Carreño,  Castellani, Chagall,  Cruz-Diez,  Dali,  Debourg,  Dufy, Escobar,  Fernández,  Fernández-Muro,  Fini,  Floris,  Fontana,  Francis, Gego,  Guevara,  González,  Gris,  Hernández-Diez,  Herrera,  Kandinsky,  Klee,  Laurens,  Lautrec,   Leger,  Lhote,  Lissitzky, Longo, Malevitch,  Matisse,  Matta,  Maza,  Meier,  Merida,  Michelena,  Moore, Morellet,  Minter,  Muniz,  Nedo,  Obregón,  Otero,  Peña,  Picasso,  Phillips,  Polesello,  Poliakoff,  Pomodoro,  Reverón,  Salazar,  Serrano,  Schöffer,  Schwitters,  Sherman,  Signac,  Stella,  Soto,  Saint Phalle,  Vasarely,  Vlaminck and many others...........

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